Pipe Repair & Replacement

Pipe Repair & Replacement in Tulsa

Maintaining a sound plumbing system is vital for a healthy and safe home. At Hendrick Heat, Air & Plumbing, we understand the critical nature of infrastructure. That’s why we offer pipe repair and replacement services to address any issue, from minor leaks to major replacements.

Why Pipe Maintenance is Crucial

Over time, pipes can deteriorate due to various factors such as age, corrosion, and external pressures. This can lead to leaks, bursts, and inefficiencies in your plumbing system, which may result in:

The Hendrick Team stands ready to help you with any professional plumbing solutions.

Signs You May Have a Pipe Leak

Being vigilant about the signs of pipe leaks can prevent a small issue from becoming a major problem. Here are some telltale signs that you need to call in the experts.

Unexpected Increase
in Water Bills

A sudden spike in your water bill, despite normal usage, often indicates a hidden leak.

Changes in Water

An unpleasant smell emanating from your drain can indicate trapped food, waste, or other decomposing material inside your pipes.

Visible Wet

Unusual noises coming from your drain, such as gurgling or bubbling sounds, suggest that air is trapped by a clog in your plumbing.

Mold or Mildew

If water is coming back up through your drains, this is a clear sign that a blockage is preventing normal flow.

Musty Odors

When more than one plumbing fixture is clogged, it could mean a deeper issue within your main line.

The Impact of Ignored Leaks

Ignoring these signs can lead to more significant problems, including structural damage to your
home and increased costs for water and repairs.


We use special equipment to detect and locate leaks, ensuring that you’re given a solution quickly. The Hendrick Team is trained to spot the subtle signs of leaks and take swift action to remedy them.

Comprehensive Pipe Repair Services

Our team of licensed plumbers can handle various pipe repair scenarios, including:

Leak Repair

We pinpoint and fix leaks, whether they’re under a sink or behind a wall, to prevent further water damage and loss.

Pipe Burst Repair

In the event of a burst pipe, our team responds promptly to mitigate damage and replace the affected section.

Corrosion and Blockage Removal

We address issues like corrosion buildup and blockages that can impede water flow and lead to leaks or breaks.

Joint and Connection Reinforcement

To prevent leaks at vulnerable points, we reinforce pipe joints and connections.

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